Episode 6

Building Out Your Systems to Scale

Brandon Dawson founded his first company at age 28, Sonus, where he served as Founder and CEO for seven years. Then learned a lot about raising money from high net worth individuals, private equity firms and strategic partnerships. Over five years, made over 150 presentations to raise capital, completed over 100 acquisitions, and created distribution agreements with over one thousand independent business owners and dozens of suppliers. With four separate equity raises totaling 38 million dollars, and negotiating 20 million in strategic debt financing would learn a lot about the process, and different equity and debt structures, not to mention negotiation skills in purchasing businesses. Brandon has been the CEO and Chairman of both a Canadian listed and US listed public company.
In addition to that when Sonus was listed on the American Stock Exchange in 1998, he was one of the youngest people to do so. Being the CEO and Chairman of a public company, learning the importance of governance, leadership, responsibility and positioning. Plus how to run Board of Director meetings with Audits, compensation and legal committees. Brandon has delivered consistently in scaling and growing as he brings his abilities as a joint partner of Cardone Ventures.
In This Episode:

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Key Indicator to taking a Risk

  • The Power of Building out your team

  • Managing Your Happiness with Success

  • Identifying the Road to YOUR legacy

  • Dominating in a Micro and Macro Market

  • Organizes Roles and Procedures

  • and much more!

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