Why I Turned Down Millions of Dollars by Dan Fleyshman

Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. At a young age of 23, Dan was highly versatile in all facets of business, launching Who’s Your Daddy energy drinks after he sold $15 million in clothing apparel and secured a 9.5 Million licensing deal with the apparel brand STARTER. He is the author of his book titled How to Set-Up Your Business for under $1,000 where he will share some of the secrets on how built his success. His entrepreneur mentality grew him the world’s largest online poker game, became a professional poker player, advisor to 30+ companies, and built his social media agency “Elevator Studios” that works with 600+ influencers, companies, and agencies. He is considered 1 of 4 of Jordan Belfort’s “Wolf on Wallstreet” personal advisors. The agency host 1000+ people events called “Elevator Nights” for free which help entrepreneurs learn everything from investments to networking. Business Mogul and serial entrepreneur, Dan raises millions of dollars for various charities, especially his passion project www.modelcitizenfund.org which creates backpacks for the homeless with emergency supplies.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Why turning down millions of dollars was one of his best decisions

  • Why this type of mindset is probably your biggest hurdle to overcome

  • How to change your perspective by breaking down modern work tasks into a “game of goals”

  • The only true way to stay motivated

  • What really happen’s when you decide to live on a beach for the rest of your life

  • Why shutting down my 8 figure business was the most painful decision, but set me up for life

  • The Key to fixing the economy

  • What’s my number one biggest fear and regret… I should have started this sooner and here is why.

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