Episode 12

FEAR - False Expectations Appearing Real

We all have those moments of doubt and uncertainty and sometimes, we let them paralyze us and stop us from moving forward. I remember when I first started my business and I needed a lot of money to establish. I had to use my life savings to make these much-needed moves, and I remember being so scared and afraid of taking such huge steps, but I didn’t let that fear stop me. I believed in myself and my dreams enough to set a 2-weeks mandate to make my business work. The fear of the unknown and uncertainty is part of business and life in general. Ask yourself; what’s the worst that can happen? Failure? Lose? Failure is not all bad. Consider it a win because it is the perfect way to learn and overcome fear to get to the next level.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Fear is a Sense of False Expectations that Appear Real

  • Fear is Not Bad, it can be a Motivating Factor

  • Fight the Fear of Uncertainty to get to The Next Level

  • Failures are Wins because it is How You Learn

  • You Can Achieve Anything When You Believe and Never Quit.

  • and much more!