Episode 26

The Steps to Transforming ONE Franchise into a Worldwide Brand: Secrets to Success
With Sam Langer and James Bonavita

This is a very special episode for the Fuel Your Drive Podcast! In this episode, we have the opportunity to listen from seasoned franchisees, titans of fitness industry, and successful entrepreneurs. Sam Langer and James Bonavita were among some of the first GYMGUYZ Franchisees, with Sam dominating 14 territories within his first 2 months as a franchise owner. This is no ordinary episode, but a Masterclass, blueprinting the steps of transforming ONE franchise into a worldwide brand, the importance of costumer relationships, and the evolution of the fitness industry and where it is going.

In this episode you’ll discover:

✔ The importance of having the right set-up system in every franchise!

✔ The key to franchise success starts with having the whole picture!

✔ How relationships can make or break you!

✔ The fundamentals to building the right team!

✔ The steps to transforming losses and lessons to wins and advantages!

✔ And much more!

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Sam Langer


James Bonavita