From Broke to $100 Million by 30! Meet Joel Marion.

Joel Marion has a track record of building eight and nine figure companies in 12 months or less. THAT’S A FACT.He proved this ability by going from zero to $100 million at BioTrust in just the first twelve months. Joel and his co-founder, Josh, built the company largely on relationships and their email marketing expertise. By doing so, they proved that you can have a 9-figure company that flies under the radar of popular channels like Amazon.com and Shopify. Joel proved his “rapid growth” expertise once again when he built his personal brand. Joel has amassed a huge and loyal following, and he has amassed more than 1 million Instagram followers in less than twelve months. He has leveraged this brand to command more take-home profit than most professional athletes, all while working a few hours per week.

In this episode you’ll learn directly from Joel Marion:

  • Why busy people are willing to give feedback, & how I used that as my success formula!

  • How to understand and work your way through gatekeepers.

  • What I learned about taking a $100,000 book deal advance that never met it’s quota.

  • Why traditional publishing is simply legalized gambling.

  • The number 1 skill I learned that changed my entire life.

  • How I consistently earn relationships with top thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

  • Why we spent over $3 million in google ads only to break even.

  • How I obtain ultimate peace of mind…

  • and so much more!

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