Episode 11

Developing a Winning Mindset to Create Results

This is a special podcast! I’ve been asked by many people to make a podcast sharing my own personal experiences and business advice. In this podcast, I break down how success doesn't happen overnight and in order to achieve true success, you need these key things. The #1 KEY to my success is the ability to develop a growth mindset. It sounds easy, but in this podcast I share the subtle nuances that start to shape your future. So listen closely to what's on this podcast because you don't want to miss it. Our team around the world at GYMGUYZ have been using these key things to get us where we are today. This stuff works!

On this Episode:

  • What Billionaires and Millions Have That Others Don’t

  • How to Develop a Stronger Mindset

  • The Danger of Good Times

  • Turning Suffering into Strength

  • The Need to Keep Things in Perspective

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