Episode 7

Earning Income From Your Influence

As the founder of SVG Media, I don’t show you how to achieve success – I teach you how to create it.
A self-made million-dollar entrepreneur, speaker of success, and one of the top Biz Dev & Marketing Automation Trainers in the world. My passion is the fuel that creates success. Represented by the joint force of traditional entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leading technology and strategies, my approach, by design, integrates the vast perspectives of stakeholders from across all facets of multiple industries that include Digital Strategy, Training & Development, New Media, Business Innovation, Big Data & Science, and Engineering. As the Largest Influencer & Athlete Marketing Agency in the entire U.S., SVG Media teaches the science and strategy behind advanced marketing techniques, scaling online revenue streams, build full-service & functioning multimedia platforms and establish professional branding strategies that differentiate the ‘successors’ from the ‘failures.’
Whenever I’m not out hustling to scale your business, I spend time with my wonderful family and enjoy the sights of the beautiful city of Orlando, FL.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Learning to let go of success to achieve greater success

  • Making sure your 100% happy with where you spend 50% of your time

  • Importance of Making life happen, not letting life happen

  • Defining Culture: the backbone to your business

  • Chase the dream, attract the money

  • Mindset of being a clutch player for your team

  • Turning pressure into a privilege

  • The benefits of a savage mentality

  • Why you need your “Why”

  • Recommended Book: Levels of Energy

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